Michelle Neils, BSN, CHC


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Success Stories

I have worked with Michelle for over 20 years and consider her my friend as well as my health coach. I am currently working with Michelle on my back pain. My goal is to avoid surgery and get off my painkillers. Michelle provides excellent customer services, working around my ever-changing schedule, and she has great prices.

I have been working with Michelle over the past year that has been the roughest time in my life. With her open heart and arsenal of healing practices, she never leaves a stone unturned when I have a session with her. All treatments are different as her ability to intuit what needs to be done guides her in a most powerful way. She is able to bring my body, mind and spirit together so I can be the best I can be. Michelle has given me so many tools to use, which I do every day, to keep myself empowered. I have nothing but love, gratitude, and awe for her magnificent work.

I look forward to working with Michelle as my wellness coach for many years to come. Her knowledge and gentle guidance have more than once moved me past a slump in my journey to my wellness and life goals.

Michelle was an answer to a prayer for us. We knew we needed to change our unhealthy eating habits and lack of physical activity, but we weren’t sure how. Michelle helped us with our motivation and helped us create clear goals for change.

With her genuine interest, kind heart, and amazing listening skills, Michelle gently challenged my habits of thinking, eating, exercising, and relating to others—overall self-care. With her guidance, I have a fresh way to see things. Her passion, depth of knowledge, and compassion truly displays her servant’s heart.

Michelle just makes it easy – you get quick results. At long last, I’m able to avoid stress eating and am steadily losing weight. She helped me by changing where and how I eat my meals and utilizing the EFT technique. I’m also able to enjoy jogging as much as I want – the stretching and focused yoga breathing have significantly reduced the back hip muscle pain. Recently, she’s guided me to set spiritual and health goals that are helping improve my daily outlook and sense of joy each day. Well worth it!